Friday, April 30, 2010

Dress Research

I'm combing thru tons of photo's trying to get an update for this years dress pics! The verdict...Yikes! Brides this year you really have your work cut out for you.  I have a few photo's that I'm going to share with you, but over all, I am not impressed. What is up with Vera Wang's dresses this year.  The models look like tulle nightmares. I get it, she was going for Romantic, but honestly it's not romantic when you can't see the brides figure (she's probably worked so hard at) under all the layer of netting...
So I'll leave you with one photo to chew on right now.  I had no idea that David Tutera had a wedding gown line.  I'm a little shocked at how much I liked his style. Shocker. (but a in a good way) This is his Eve Dress. Loving the roses.  That's romantic...

Friday, April 9, 2010

Engagement-Kiss the Girl

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Donna Rusin. As we were discussing her wedding details, she blew me away with her engagement story. Her fiancé, Miguel, must have been planning this for a very long time because the amount of detail is no weekend project.

While Donna was away on a trip, Miguel was busy transforming their home into a scene from the bride- to- be's favorite movie, The Little Mermaid.

When Donna arrived home from her long trip, she was greeted by Miguel and blindfolded immediately. He then picked her up and whisked her away to his boat(in their living room) under the stars and moonlight . The boat being guided by none other than her favorite Disney character Sebastian! With the blindfold removed she was in awe as she tried to take in the moment around her. Kiss the Girl was playing in the background as Miguel took her hand and proposed. She said yes and the rest is yet to be written!

Please take a moment to look at these photos because they are simply amazing. Miguel made everything you see. The boat, the fish, the tree trunks, the hearts on the floor and Sebastian are all made out foam that he hand carved and painted. The hearts have special notes written on them to Donna. The "water" that you see coming out of the mouths of the fish is rolled clear cellophane. The water on the floor is made out blue cellophane. The leaves of the trees are made out of green party streamers. I just love the way that he used two color of greens instead of one. It adds more depth and detail. He used mini lights to illuminate the sky above them with stars. And the background was a large sheet of paper that he hand painted. Also note the foresight he used when cutting out the air vent at the top. Seriously!! This is no easy task. You can really tell he put so much effort into this. For example, look at close up of Sebastian. The trees in the background have light and dark shadows.

Now, you’re probably thinking Miguel has got to have some serious skills to pull this off. Your right. He is an artist, who from what Donna tells me is an amazing illustrator. But don't be mistaken, just because he has skill, this still took a tremendous amount of planning on his part. In our book this goes down as one of the most unique proposals ever!

Donna and Miguel congratulations on you engagement and I can't wait to work with you! I'm sure you'll be inspiring me in all sorts of ways!!