Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Craft Fair Treasures Follow up

OK, so the treasure found at the craft show I went to this past weekend, is the pearl vendor I found. This was an older couple that only do craft shows. They don't have a website and I couldn't even get a business card from them. They had beautiful pieces and someone could easily have purchased one on the cheap for their wedding day. Much cheaper then what you might get at a jeweler. I did do some surface testing to see if the pearls were real. And I couldn't scratch which means even if they weren't real the odds of them chipping on your wedding day is slim. What I think can't be guaranteed is that you are actually getting your money's worth. However if your paying less for it maybe quality is as big a deal a say style. I do know from traveling to Asia that pearls do not cost nearly the same around the world as they do hear. Actually, in China you can get gorgeous pearls very cheap. When I was there I picked up a pink pearl set necklace, earrings and bracelet for about $12.00 with a gorgeous decorative clasp and everything. I also brought home a beautiful 3 strand Jackie O white pearl set for about $20.00. You would never be able to pay that here.

Now of course I love jewelers and I personally love Left Bank in Chicago and Raphael Jewelers in Glenview. What you get from a jeweler is guaranteed quality, service and style. All my point is that if you are a bride on a budget, you have too keep your eyes open and maybe be willing to go places you might not have thought about to get the look you want.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Craft fair treasures

Heading to a big craft show. I always love going because you can always find unique undiscovered treasures. Maybe wedding jewelry, favors, even shower gifts. Be sure to get a crafters card if you want to place large orders for let's say favors or something. Anyhow I'm off and will post my finds later.
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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Wedding Day Photos (FREE??)

In case you weren't sure, this site is devoted to budget savvy brides. I turn over every stone I can to bring you smart trendy ideas, that won't break the bank...OK sometimes we dream big here. I think that only leads to inspire us further in self expression. With that said, I must admit I came across something interesting while perusing the pages of Craig's list. Under the gigs section, sub category creative, I found listed tons of photographers offering FREE wedding day photography. The reason they are offering free services is so that they can build up their portfolio's. What an interesting Idea. Here's were I warn you...STOP DROOLING AND PROCEED WITH CAUTION!!!

This is not for everyone and I must say that I do believe in you get what you pay for. That said, if your the bride who's having a very small, quaint wedding, or maybe you were going to forgo the cost of professional photography, then this is for you! What do you have to loose. I had a girlfriend who was getting married for the third time,(second marriage for her husband) and she was having a very small wedding (maybe 30 people tops). They were diving to northern Michigan to get married at a waterfall that was very sentimental to them. They did not have any professional photographers and relied on friends and family to supply them with their pictures. Yikes! what if none of them turned out?? Needless to say they had some nice pictures but nothing close to what a professional or someone trained could give you.

I think that you could probably get some really great photo's. I know that when I was in college, I had friends who were getting their degrees in photography and they were turning out some really beautiful pictures (enhanced in photoshop too). I could very well see someone with very little professional experience coming out of school needing to do something like this. Creative yet not experienced. Which also leads me to my next point...

Be careful. Not having professional experience leaves you open to all kinds of pitfalls. Make sure you get a written contract, out lining payment schedules, who is their backup in the event they are not available the day of your wedding, and whatever you expect from their services. It would be nice to know how many prints you will be getting? Do you get your own set of digital negatives(pictures on CD)? Do they provide printing services? Do they have contacts for book binding( your wedding album)? How long do you get their services for?

Just be sure to think this thru before you go this route. It would probably be good to shop a professional photographer or studio first, so at least you know what your options are and what questions to ask. I would not suggest this for the bride who is very concerned about every detail being perfect. Leave that to the professionals. After all, that is what your paying for.

If you have any questions about this post please leave your comments here or email me. I'd be interested to hear if anyone has actually done this or if they have any additional comments that maybe I unintentionally left off.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Music Play List- What Not to play

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2.Chicken Dance
3.Stayin Alive
4. Every Breath You Take
5.Total Eclipse of the Heart
6. Macarena
7. My Heart Will Go On
8. Mony Mony

These songs should just be retired but I know there are more to add to the list. What songs are you sick of hearing at weddings?
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To Add to that note. When selecting your play list, stick to your guns about the songs you want played. Sometimes you have to trust your intuition. Last year when we were planning our wedding I insisted on playing Lady GaGa and my DJ didn't want to get it for my play list. It was when she was brand new and only had 1 hit single. He told me she would never be around by next year and it wasn't worth it to down load. Yeah well....The rest is history, he downloaded the song, played it and she's a mega superstar a year later!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Things...

I know... I've been promising new designs for a while and I'm just going to say they are coming. I've been a busy girl. Customer's come first always, and I have an exciting new batch of Brides I can't wait to feature here. So please be patient, the new designs are coming soon. You have to remember, I'm the buyer, designer, photographer, editor, blogger, website designer and the list goes on...

What is new is that you can now follow me on twitter at @sugarspiceink for updates. I also have a new facebook fan page that you link to at the bottom of this page.
Starting this week i will be featuring local vendors on this site. I will do my homework and make sure they are worthy before they get posted.
Anyhow, I promise not to disappoint and it will be great!


Beyond Events (BeyondEventsChi) on Twitter

Beyond Events (BeyondEventsChi) on Twitter

Are you having a holiday party!
I had this info sent to me via twitter and and some of the items sound really yummy!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Tradition or Not?

I've been hearing a lot of brides talking about how they are not following wedding traditions and are going to throw traditions right out the window. Phrases like "screw traditions" have been said within my circle. But should we worry about following traditions or not?

Well, I have always applauded any bride for originality. I look for trend setters and seek out those who are willing to put new spins on old things. But that's just it, new spins on old things. New spins are what make you say , "oh wow, that was really clever!" But totally disregarding traditions, I'm not so sure about. Of course it depends on what your doing. For example. We decided not to have a traditional wedding party. However when it came down to the ceremony, we did have both of our mothers acting as our witnesses or the traditional best man and maid of honor. When it came down to the reception, no we did not introduce a wedding party because we didn't have one, but we introduced our families. They were the most important people in our lives and helped get us to this point. We also decided to have our brothers and sisters sitting with us at a traditional head table. The point is, no we did not follow tradition, instead we interpreted tradition to be something more meaningful to us and I think our guests were able to relate to that.

You have to remember that while your wedding is for you and your groom, you have invited a lot of people to this party. They are looking forward to celebrating with you. Traditionally speaking they will be giving gifts and you want them to enjoy themselves too. Keep your guests in mind as you are going to be the hostess for the evening and a celebration as grand as your wedding should be enjoyable for everyone attending.

What are your thoughts?
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