Sunday, February 28, 2010

Think Pink!!!

I just had to share this amazing brooch with my bride followers! I heart this! Pink I think I'm in love! This brooch has it's home at the Left Bank Jewelry boutique in Chicago. I just love the idea of pinning this on to your bouquet. It would make for a very stunning detail. I believe it goes for $29. For more info click here for the link to the Left Bank.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Late night inspiration.

I am always amazed at the inspiration I find at the bookstore. There are so many nights my husband and I sit and read sipping on coffee or tea. One thing you can be sure of, I sit ready with my pen in my hand. I record all kinds of info and websites I want to visit when I get home. It also not unusual to see me sketching an idea so I don't lose it.
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Friday, February 26, 2010

Lily Note Cards

Lily is our newest member of the note card collection. This note card is 4.5" x 5.75". Lily is a stunning pewter and yellow  which is perfect for this upcoming spring season. The wording is customizable and we can also change the colors if you'd like.

Please email us pricing and more info.

Roxi Invitations

We are proud to announce Roxi as the newest member of our invitation family. Roxi is just as hot as the bride it was designed for! This stunning invite has a  gorgeous  two inch lace wrap. Roxi is studded with genuine Swarovski Crystals. This is a triple mounted invitation has Champaign metallic cardstock which glows when it's layered on metallic black and magenta card stock. Roxi comes with 2 inserts, RSVP and Reception card. Additional inserts are available. All colors are customizable. Hope you love Roxi as much as we do! XOXOX

Please email for pricing.

Monday, February 22, 2010

DIY Up Lighting

DIY Up Lighting

I have had a few brides approach me about affordable up lighting so I have to say that shortly I will be purchasing one of the small portable LED lights that are now available at and other bridal resources.  I have not actually used these yet so it would be unfair for me to give and accurate critique.  One of the down falls to going with this option is that it only produces a white color.  Not the lovely range of colors that you get from professional lighting.  Once I get one I will do expriments on ways to produce a colored effect using one of these canisters. I will of course make that information available here.

While I think this option might be perfect for smaller weddings, I don't believe this would give you the kind of all over lighting effects that you see on "Platinum Weddings".  Although you never know.
Any how enjoy the video and let me know your thoughts.

My Wedding Concierge

 My Wedding Concierge -- iPhone Wedding Planning App, Wedding Planning Website, Wedding Vendors -- Mobile Wedding Planning Powered By WedSync
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We are so excited to part of the My Wedding Concierge, the best new online and mobile resource for planning your wedding. This amazing site is just as fabulous as it looks It's ultra chic design is so user friendly that I think it's going to be a huge asset for today's brides who are forever on the go. Right now it's compatible with I-Phones and it's app is available at the apple store for free! The really exciting part is that this new resource will allow brides to not only find vendors but also share, rank and organize them with their friends among social networks like Twitter and Facebook!

Speaking as a bride who worked more then 40 plus hours a week, traveled the world for work, constantly on the go with entrepreneurial tasks all while planning her wedding, it would have been helpful to have something like this at my finger tips. Every minute counts when your time crunching. I really did not have the time to research everything I needed because I just didn't have the time to spend in front of a computer. But having the tool available as a combo team in both formats for web and mobile makes it so appealing for busy brides. Just the idea of having everything you need right at your finger tips makes me smile for you!  You could do your homework on vendors while working out at the gym!(no more excuses to hit the weights). The future looks bright for My Wedding Concierge as they climb the ladder to be the ultimate wedding search engine. They certainly have our stamp of approval.
Have fun and happy planning XOXOXO!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rental company

So I'm pretty excited because today ill be touring a new rental company. Can't wait to dish on all the fun party stuff we can use!
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Sunday, February 7, 2010

easy appetizer

Are you stressing over what to bring for the big game today! Super Bowl parties are notorious for finger foods and this little treat is super easy and quick to make if your sweating it.

Roll Ups. (this recipe can be modified to fit whatever you want to fill the shells with)

1 Package of Large soft tortilla shells
1 package of cream cheese
1 Roast Beef (I use about a 1/4 pound)
1 bunch of Green Onions
Medium bowl

Let the cream cheese sit out to soften.(or you could microwave it in a pinch. Chop your green onions. Put them in the bowl.
Chop your Roast beef. I like to cut it small but it will be in the roll up so it really doesn't matter how small you cut it. Add your roast beef to the bowl and mix with the green onion. Now add your cream cheese and mix. I just mix it up with a large spoon.

Now take 2 tortilla shells and lay them down on a CLEAN countertop. Overlap the shells about a 1/4 of each shell. Now start spreading your cream cheese mixture around leaving about an inch from the edges. Now start to roll them up so that both shells get rolled together and you have long log shape.

Cut the edges off (there's no mixture there) Now refrigerate them for an hour before you slice them. This gives the cream cheese a chance to harden again and will hold the shells better. Yeah your done! Now go enjoy the game!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cute Cakes

We LOVE these delightful cakes from Cake Opera Co.!  I personally love the uncommon and have been surching for cake styles that tickle my creative senses and Cake Opera Co does the trick. Their website is even adorable and worth checking out! These pretty cakes are adorned with tasty little macrons.  I tried macrons for the first time a month ago and my tastebuds are in love! I realise they are in Canada but we can all use a little inspiration when looking for cake decor.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Indie Wed

Saturday I attended a very different wedding show, Indie Wed. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by all of the amazing vendors, many of whom I had the pleasure of speaking with. I’m only going to highlight people that I got a chance to speak with , but there were so many talented people there so I encourage you to click on the link and explore all who participated.

WHOVILLE DESIGNS had some gorgeous jewelry at what I thought where really affordable prices. I have to admit that I did double take after I asked how much the crystal necklace retailed for. I would highly recommend emailing Heather and asking her about her bridal collection.

For all you Green DIY brides, be sure to check out green paper company, for all of your eco friendly paper needs. Their table was so cute it was candy for my eyes! Actually, I am really glad I met them because I am in desperate need of a green supplier and I am personally going to be in touch with them for our invitation designing.

Again for you greenies, Pollen, had such pretty floral arrangements. The most dreamy bouquet laid on the table and caught your eye immediately. The only thing that was missing was a mirror so you could imagine yourself down the aisle with it. They specialize in green weddings and eco-conscious events.

For you candy lovers, (I’m talking to you Amanda!) the sweetest course, custom candy buffets, is perfect! I was talking to Christine and she said that she can work to customize the candy colors to compliment your wedding colors! Yummy!

The very first both I saw walking in to the event was, Layer Cake Shop(baking supplies). This table was excitement from the very moment I laid eyes on it. It was one of those shops were everything was packages so cute that I wanted to pick everything up and touch it. Pretty amazing for baking supplies!

We sampled pretty and yummy cakes from TipsyCake. They are custom bakeshop and can match you colors or your theme!

One of the vendors that I was so excited about is vavoom pinups! This a very different and creative type of photography. I am dying to do this and I think maybe some time in the summer I will! How cute would it be to collaborate with these ladies and do some pictures for the business!

Love, Lula Mae had amazing designs, I didn’t know where to look first. The display had fun vintage inspired designed accessories. The bridal collection is unique while the couture collection boasts eye popping colors!

There were so many tallented vendors that I can't possibly cover them in 1 little blog.  I think the best way to showcase them is too do little stories of the ones that caught my eye. So be sure to look for that in the future!