Sunday, August 30, 2009

hair piece fix

We found the perfect piece, but the beads were not right. they didn't match the gowns unique vintage glam look. So we replaced the beads with antique pearls and it made all the difference.
If you have found something like this that you love but it's not quite right, don't dismiss it. Send me and email or reply to this post and we can talk about how to make it perfect for you!


This is just gorgeous. Love the eggplant Cala's in this one. It's the end of august and if you still love pink, go for it, but the eggplant color is perfect for transitioning into fall. This picture was taken from the CS brides magazine.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mini Paintings

For an alternative to the traditional table number, we had mini painting with tree names. And the family was seated at the "Family Tree" of course. Each painting was hand painted to match the wedding colors of copper and bronze we added the color eggplant together as an accent. The table easels were spray painted to match as well! We can do the same for you or change it up to fit your theme.
Photos are courtesy of Timothy Whaley and Associates.
Email me for more info.

Delila Invitation

The Delila invitation is so modern. It features a beautiful hand drawing and shown in a petal pocket. Delila is customizable for your wedding. It is available in any color combo or size. Delila can be used as your wedding theme and the drawing can be used on any printable surface. Delila is lovely for a summer or spring wedding. If you would like more information or samples of Delila, please email me!

Jacklyn Invitation

The Jacklyn invitation is a very simply sophisticated design. It centralized it's main focus on you, your monogram. This invitations is wonderful because it can be customised for your wedding. Whatever your colors, or if you prefer pocket invites, that works too. The other really great thing about this is the monogram itself. We can put this on any printed surface to tie your theme together and make your wedding uniform. Jacklyn also features a beautiful hand embossing embellishment. That embellishment is also available as a printed graphic as opposed to the hand embellishment. If you are interested in the Jacklyn invitation please email me for details or samples.

Annabelle Invitation

The design for Annabelle was created for a very special bride. She is having a rustic wedding that is going to have gorgeous landscape views and we wanted the graphic motif to carry that feeling of rustic throughout the wedding. This design as well as any custom design can be used in place cards, programs , napkins, menus and just about anywhere that you can print. The Annabelle is shown in a pocket invitation, however it can be made a single mounted card or just a strait invitation. The choice is up to you. A beautiful feature of this card is decorative corners.
As with the rest of the invitations featured this invitation is completely customizable for your wedding. Any colors, shapes or sized are possible. We can also change anything on this card to suite your style as well. If you interested in more information or samples of Annabelle please email me.

Alexis Invitation

This invite says over the top chic. Love it if you like to overdo like I do! This stunning invitation boast 3 layers of exquisite paper. The backdrop is hand stamped with the motif. The brown in between accent color is a beautiful shimmery espresso color. The motif on the invitation itself is hand embossed. The best part are the gorgeous crystal accents that are hand applied! The best part is that this invitation is totally customizable to fit your wedding. Any color , any shape, it's even available in pockets or petals. If this isn't dripping with enough glam for you then we can add more, like coordinating ribbon for example. If there is something you don't like, we can remove it. Please email me for more information or for samples for the Alexis Invite!

Saturday, August 22, 2009


I'm just wiped out today. We all over work ourselves at some point. I promise the new invitations will be posted this weekend for sure!
Love you all!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

what to do with rain?

It's pouring today...the fact is it might rain on your wedding day.
I suggest a big white umbrella. They are not that easy to find, so start looking now just in case. Your best bet is an online umbrella vendor. Don't even try looking at local stores, you just won't find them there. The other thing is ask your limo driver if they have them and if you can use them for the entire day, not just for the time of their service.

There is nothing betting then candid photography of you in all white and then your lime green(insert any color) umbrella over your head. It's the little details that make all the difference.

Oh and don't get a parasol, which is sold at most wedding stores, unless you want to get soaked.

I'm just going to wish the rain away today... you can try the same, but you might want to have that umbrella just in case.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dress Yourself

A dress needs to represent you. Ask yourself who are you? What do you love and more importantly what kind of things do you gravitate too. Are you a no fuss kind of girl? Easy going, laid back. Then you'll want to do something more elegantly simple. Refer to our dress blog from 8.8.09 on the J. Crew dress for a good example. Other wise, if you are like me and my personal motto is, "why do…when you can overdo," Then something way more extravagant is due. I love these cause they say wow…without, "good god the bride has lost her mind," kind of effect.

Now, I know what your thinking. You say, "but I thought this site was about practical weddings," and it is. So I am going to refer you to my favorite bridal boutique, White Chicago, .
I got my designer dress there and did not pay a fortune for it.

This first dress picture here says, "Holy Romantic." This dress is stunning. I love the way it hugs to the body accenting the bride's figure. I say goodbye to the days of "Snow Beast". Anne Barge did a beautiful job on this design!

This second dress pictured here is also romantic but in a totally different way. !, it's the color of the dress. 2 the tulle on the bottom of the dress is shaped differently so it lays differently and it says So whimsical and fun. Vera Wang beautiful as always.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Birthday

I just want to say happy birthday to my mother. The one woman who has influenced me most and who i owe my success too.

Quote of the day

"Take each other for better or for worse, but not for granted."
-Arlene Dahl

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Un Wedding Cake

One note on wedding cakes.
So, I'm always looking for unique alternatives to the traditional wedding. (Don't get me wrong I love traditional, but always, and I stress always, with a twist).That said, I came across this photo on Martha Stewart's website. I love this. It's so romantic. I also love this because it's NOT the cup cake tower. I just really feel like the cupcake tower has been done so much that it's dead or becoming a dead trend. When the cupcake tower came out we were all like, " oh, that is so cute." Now when I see one I'm not really that thrilled with it. And I don't think it's inventive. I've gone back to the, "show me what you can do with the cake." Definatly, not saying spend ten thousand on it. But honestly, if a bride shows me her really simple classic cake that maybe her aunt made speacially for her, I'm more likely to oogle over that because it says so much about the gesture and makes for great memories.

That said, this is winner in my book.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Honestly, I'm shocked this is a J. Crew Dress. Any bride is sure to be stunning in this dress. Very classy. Super affordable.